Hing's blog inspired me to blog about my experience watching a breath taking sun-rise scenery back in Malaysia. I was quite surprise that I didn't blog about this trip!

Well, its a nice place to go if you're adventurous type of person.
If you're not, just stick your ass at shopping malls! Wuahahahahahahahahahaha

Pahang - Sungai Lembing

Thanks Razin who drove all the way from Shah Alam to Pahang! It was a long trip but Fun!

With the help of human great invention GPRS, we arrived Kuantan safely without losing our way!

First spot: Teluk Chempedak! NICE NICE NICE BEACH with White Sands!

I miss beaches! lol Not bitches but beaches! lol

Rocky rocks standing firm on the sea shores .......

We perambulated around the beach ......

Here's a group picture of us.......

This is my officially fisrt jumping shot! I improve a lot!

The sky is getting darker, we need to continue our journey to Sungai Lembing..... The road is scary dark! Phew...... Sungai Lembing is A SMALL SMALL SMALL version of Sandakan! People speaks Hakka and Cantonese here!

We initially wanted to see the sunrise, but there's another place which attracted us deeply! We decided to stay another at Sungai lembing!

The next morning, we had Hakka Yong Taufu for breakfast! I loved it!

We started our trip to our second spot with a jeep?? I think its a jeep! lol

Yellow jeep????

Its time for jungle tracking! I'm more than happy to hold this two sticks to keep on banging them together to create sounds in order to scare beasts away!

First, we will have to cross a crystal clear stream!

It was refreshing under a hot sun!

Another group picture!

On our way to our second spot!

It was really tiring and hot!

We are almost there! It took us about an hour to reach!

I can't believe we can still smile with our tiredness!

Finally, we arrived! Yes, its a waterfall!

It was just a small waterfall!

But the best thing is that! IT IS A RAINBOW WATERFALL! Can you see the rainbow?

A closer look of the rainbow at on in or whatever the waterfall!

Splitting out rainbow!

Since it was a damn hot day, we went into the small pond under the waterfall and swam for a while!

Tried to take picture under the water fall!

After another hour walking out from the jungle, we went back to our hotel and changed our sweaty shirts, pants and underpants!


We just want to spent some of our time at somewhere! lol

Dinner time, we traveled out from Sungai Lembing back to Kuantan to eat SEAFOOD!

Sandakan seafood is still better! Wuahahahahahahhahahahaha

Fried squid! You won't miss this if the PINK SQUID WAS THERE! lol

After dinner, we went back to our hotel and have a good rest! Why?

Because we need to climb a hill, its a mountain for me, to see the sunrise at 6 in the morning!

There were a lot of old people climbing non-stop! THEY WERE REALLY STRONG!

When I reached the top of the hill, I was kinda dissapointed because I can't see anything after a long and tiring climb! Again, I sweated like hell!

But when the first ray shone through the sky! I WAS REALLY AMAZED!

I though I was in heaven!

I can only see this scene from chinese drawings! I can't believe I can see this with my naked eyes!

A clearer view! Fascanating!

A lot of people told us that it would be difficult to see sun rise, some didn't see one ever!
When we decided to get our asses down the hill! An orange ray shone towards us!

SUN RISE on such breath taking landscape!

OWW, the view was just magnificent!

After enjoying such wonderful sun rise, its time to get our asses down the hill!
I can't believe we climbed that high!

On our way, we saw another fantastic scenary! The clouds were so near to us!



This Pahang trip worths every single thing! People, if you have a change to visit Pahang! Do visit Sungai Lembing!

If you do not like adventurous stuffs! STAY FAR AWAY from SUNGAI LEMBING!


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